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Network Planning and Design

We offer end-to-end, crafted planning & design of network solutions based on current needs and the future growth of your organization.

We aimed at ensuring that a new network meets the customer needs by processing a network planning methodology.

  • Topological design
  • Network-synthesis
  • Network realization
  • Dimensioning
  • Traffic engineering
  • Survivability

    Structured Wired Solution


    Structured Cabling is Heart Beat of IT Network, the current trend is to evolve the standards to support high-speed networking such as Gigabit Ethernet.

    Core IT Solutions delivers stragic solution in structures cabling, we achieve this through Dynamic team members of structure cabling.

    Core IT Solutions works with Customer team members to analyze and evaluate customer needs, which enables to provide them best and cost effective solutions.


    We work with the structure cabling methodology.

    • Demarcation Point
    • Equipment or Telecommunications Rooms
    • Vertical or Riser Cabling connects
    • Horizontal wiring
    • Work-Area Components

    Network Security


    Network security is becoming more and more important as people spend more and more time connected. Compromising network security is often much easier than compromising physical or local security, and is much more common

    The obvious example of a network system that is open to public access is the Internet, but many private networks also utilize publicly-accessible communications. Today, most companies' host computers can be accessed by their employees whether in their offices over a private communications network, or from their homes or hotel rooms while on the road through normal telephone lines.

    Network security involves all activities that organizations, enterprises, and institutions undertake to protect the value and ongoing usability of assets and the integrity and continuity of operations. An effective network security strategy requires identifying threats and then choosing the most effective set of tools to combat them